FAQ of Extensions


What are hair extensions?

Hair extensions help you achieve long hair again, especially if you experience hair loss or have difficulty growing out your hair. They are 100% safe and don’t hinder hair growth.

Many varieties

Clip-in: Lasts a very long time (if not worn continuously) 

Pros: Easy application, removal doesn’t damage hair 

Cons: Might fall out if using cheap clips, daily reapplication

Braid: 4 - 8 weeks 

Pros: Affordable, don't require heat to apply 

Cons: Excess volume or uneven hair texture

Ultrasonic: 4 - 8 weeks 

Pros: Looks natural, stays in well   

Cons: Requires a particular product for removal  

Tape-in:  4 - 8 weeks 

Pros: Lays flat, looks the most natural 

Cons: Removal can leave a sticky residue, expensive

*Lasting times on average with appropriate care

We offer Tape-in type. 




Is it possible to use hot tools on extensions?

You can style with a curling or flat iron just like normal hair!
If you use heated tools, choose human hair extensions; synthetic extensions can only be heated to a certain temperature. 
If you style with heat, use heat-protection products and weekly deep-conditioning bath treatments.
Please using a low heat setting: under 180℃. Anything higher might cause damage. 
Extensions can dry out and get split ends! To protect your investment, please go easy on the heated styling. 


 ◀︎The best of curling iron!


Do hair extensions hurt your real hair?

Not really!
The most significant cause of damage happens when you don't remove the hair extensions correctly. Without the right tools and techniques you'll break or fray your hair.
It's best to have a professional hairstylist apply your extensions to avoid tangles and other messy complications.
At Number76 Tokyo, extension removal is a complimentary service!
Removal at other salons costs ¥5,000 +tax


Temporary clip-ins do the least damage and are the most natural extensions. They can be frequently removed to let your hair breathe.


How much do hair extensions cost?

We consider the type, quantity, and placement of extensions to determine cost.

Do you ever wear a ponytail? Do you curl? Have you dyed your hair? If yes, mention this to your stylist.

Partial extensions range from ¥7,800 - ¥15,600.
These can be for highlights or hair that surrounds the face ( 15 - 30 pieces, Medium ). 

Medium (40 – 45cm) ........¥520 +tax per piece
Long (50 – 55cm) .............¥620 +tax per piece
Tape Change ..................  ¥260 +tax per piece


Full hair extensions are typically placed on the sides and below the crown to the nape of the neck.These range from ¥36,400 - ¥46,800 ( 70 - 90 pieces, Medium ).


▲She got 60 pieces such a highlights style.
When you get little amount (40-60 pieces), it might looks slightly unnatural.
So in that case, we recommend to use the curling iron.

It will look more natural !




▲She got 90 pieces. Even if you get more than 90 pieces, it will not make your roots look shaggy and messy. This will keep your hair looking natural.

The cost includes extensions's haircut and styling to help the extensions look like a natural part of your hair.

We recommend getting a layered haircut before you get extensions. Extensions are available for un-layered styles, however, the cost is higher (you’ll need around 90 pieces) and they’ll be very heavy.
With layers, it’s easier to blend extensions and they’ll feel more comfortable! You’ll also need fewer and there’s less maintenance.

Hair cut ¥6,000 + tax ( student: ¥ 4,800 + tax ) 


What are extensions made of?

We use high quality, 100% human hair. You will be able to style and wash them just like your own hair.

They can be used twice - along with a tape change - as long as the hair is appropriately cared for.
If an extension falls out, please bring it to the salon for a reduced reapplication cost. 

And completely virgin hair extensions give you the freedom to dye and style! 

If you want to add highlights, lowlights or ombré, but don't want to damage your natural hair or fully commit to the look, hair extensions will let you change temporarily.

Hair Extension Coloring: ¥130 +tax per piece


▲She got her hair and 86 pieces extensions dyed together with the same color.


I’m experiencing discomfort. Help!

This is a common problem for people with sensitive scalps. It might take time to get used to your new hair extensions.

This is very normal!  If you still feel discomfort after 3 days, tell your stylist.

If the hair extensions are too heavy this also might cause discomfort. If you have fine hair, you will feel slight pain in your scalp if the extensions are too heavy. Your natural hair will need to be strong enough to support the weight of your new extensions.

We understand you want the most voluminous hair, however, it depends on your natural hair type and condition. 


I have curly hair. Can I get extensions? 


We use 100% human hair extensions, so to achieve an ideal blend we recommend getting a straight perm to match the extensions to your hair. We can also perm the extensions.


Can I play sports?


BUT swimming pools and Onsen will shorten the life of your extensions. 


How do I maintain my extensions?

Having hair extensions doesn’t mean ignoring your natural hair! 

We recommend *gently* brushing your extensions from bottom to top at least once a day to avoid frizzy hair.  
Also, wash your extensions gently! Don’t apply any deep conditioning products and make sure to dry your roots completely, otherwise the hair.


Let's Enjoy Extensions Life!