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Products born from nature

René Frutler spent his childhood in Provence, southern France. His sensitivity to fragrance and color that has been cultivated since childhood influenced the products that were created in later years. He spent his days dealing with hair as a beautician at a salon run by his wife in Paris.

Ever since Marilyn Monroe became the dominant icon of platinum blonde curly hair, women with the same hair flooded the streets. At that time, there was no hair care product that could deal with the damage to hair caused by bleaching and perming. Later on, Fruttler launched the brand Carité Mask and his products have been loved for a long time as it repairs damaged hair and brings it to a lively state.

Complex 5  is an essential item for your hair care routine that contains essential oil. Thus, René Fruttrell set out an innovative vision.

<<Just as rich plants grow in rich soil, beautiful hair comes from healthy sculptures.>>



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#Oil care (Before Shampoo)

COMPLEX 5 - Warming essential oil  

Condition the scalp to make a foundation for beautiful hair

This product is a pre-shampoo scalp treatment that represents Rene Furterer, with an abundance of orange and lavender warming essential oils. Scalp massage promotes blood circulation and brings the scalp to a healthy condition. Light oil spreads throughout the scalp, and the bright orange lavender scent gives a soothing massage. Used with a new massage applicator. 

 Essential oil / ORANGE,  LAVENDER


How to Use:
Scalp treatment before shampooing for scalp massage
Leaving time: 5 to 10 minutes
Twice a week (approximate)
50ml ¥6,600


ASTERA FRESH FIELD - Cooling essential oil

This product is a scalp treatment before shampooing. Contains the essence of Astragalus edulis root extract and cooling essential oil. The two layer type has a fresh and refreshing feeling and helps to reduce the discomfort of your rough scalp while leading to a healthy state. Adopts a new massage applicator that provides a comfortable silicon-free coating to your hair.


Cooling essential oil / EUCALYPTUS, MINT

How to Use:
Scalp treatment before shampooing for scalp massage
Leaving time: 5 to 10 minutes
Twice a week (approximate)

50 ml ¥6,600 (inc tax)


KARITE HY SHAMPOO - For those who tend to have dry scalp and hair

Maintain freshness with a high moisturizing effect

-Scalp intensive care shampoo

-Moisturize and balance

-Light texture and high moisturizing power

This product is an intensive scalp care shampoo that uses shea oil to moisturize your scalp and hair.

The mild formula with a light pearl texture gently conditions dry scalp and hair.

Ingredients / Shea, Cimentrio*
*Derived from soya and exceptionally rich in proteins and fats, Cimentrio is a unique natural complex. It restructures and protects the hair and scalp from external damage.
How to Use: 
Leaving time: 2-3 minutes
Twice a week 

150 ml / 600 ml ¥ 2,200 / ¥ 7,150 (inc tax) 


FORTICEA EG SHAMPOO - For those who want to activate the scalp

For hair full of liveliness and vitality

-firmness and elasticity/rise from the root

This product is a scalp shampoo with guarana seed extract that leads to lively and vibrant hair. The three kinds of essential oils are contained in Biosphères, a green beaded capsule. 
It pops gently through your hair while massaging, giving a pleasant stimulus to the scalp and transform your hair into a manageable hair that rises from the roots. Highly recommended for those who want to give their hair a strong elasticity.


How to Use:
Can be used every day ( shampoo massage is also recommended )
Leaving time: 2-3 minutes

200ml / 600ml ¥ 2,860 / ¥ 7,150 (inc tax) 


TRIPHASIC SHAMPOO - For those who are worried about thinning hair

This leads to the hair cycle that will begin to feel the change

-To hair that has begun to feel change

-Improvement of scalp environment

This product contains Adenosine triphosphate and paffia extrac that leads to a healthy hair environment. The beaded capsule that is floating on a clear, full-bodied gel base is Biosphères, which gives a pleasant stimulus to your scalp. The 3 kinds of essential oils will gently care for your scalp and washes up cleanly and lightly.

How to Use:
Can be used every day
leaving time: 2-3 minutes


200ml / 600ml ¥ 3,080 / ¥ 7,700 (inc tax) 


CURBICIA shampoo - Those with an oily scalp


Removes excess sebum and keeps the scalp clean

-Intensive care twice a week

-Scalp intensive care shampoo

-For scalp that tends to be sticky

This product is a scalp intensive care shampoo which contains pumpkin seed oil that removes excess sebum from your scalp and keeps it clean. Help adjusts the sebum balance of the scalp.

150ml / 600ml ¥ 2,200 / ¥ 7,150 (inc tax)


ASTERA FRESH SHAMPOO - For the scalp, which tends to be red and rough

Calms and keeps the scalp clean

-Refreshing wash comfort

-Cooling essential oil

This product is a shampoo with Echinacea angusculata root extract (an ingredient that suppresses rough skin) that soothes the red and rough scalp. Brings a refreshing sensation to the scalp.

How to Use: 
Can be used every day
Leaving time 2-3 minutes

200ml / 600ml ¥ 2,860 / ¥ 7,150 (inc tax)


ABSOLUE KÉRATINE SHAMPOO - Those who are worried about hair damage

Gently wrap and wash damaged hair

-1-month intensive damage care

-Mild cleaning formula

This product is an intensive care shampoo that uses plant-derived ingredients such as camelina oil to gently wash damaged hair. Iridescent Gold's new generation cleansing formula, which raises the hair, provides a delicate and mellow foam, leading to a soft and bouncy state.

How to Use:
Can be used every day
Leaving time 2-3 minutes
(1-month intensive care)

200 ml / 600 ml ¥ 3,520 / ¥ 8,800 (inc tax) 


#5 sens series

5 SENS SHAMPOO - For all hair types

Blissful usability

This product is a shampoo that cleanses your scalp and hair. Five kinds of vegetable oils helps moisturize the hair, but gives a surprisingly light sensation. You can enjoy an elegant bath time surrounded by the finest scent that spreads in the bathroom.

200ml / 600ml ¥ 2,860 / ¥ 7,150 (inc tax)


5 SENS OILFor all hair types


A mysterious veil that shines brightly

This product is a beauty hair oil that gives you glossy hair and satin-smooth skin at the same time. Five well-balanced botanical oils moisturize hair and skin while giving a smooth texture. Gives a blissful feeling that satisfies all five senses with the scent of elegant lilac amber.

How to Use: 
Can be used every day

50 ml / 100 ml ¥ 3,960 / ¥ 6,160 (inc tax)


5 SENSE SHOWER OIL - Body cleaning


A time of joy that you can not wait for your daily bath time 

-Luxurious moisturizing feeling


This product is a body cleanser that contains five types of well-balanced vegetable oils. With a rich texture like golden honey, it will wash your skin soft and smoothly. This shower oilt turns daily bath time into a time of joy that you can not wait for. While enjoying the enchanting aroma with elegance, you can experience the moisture that spreads throughout your body.

How to Use: 

Can be used every day

200 ml ¥ 2,860 (inc tax)


Head Spa by Rene Furterer

Quick Course
¥5,500 (inc tax) / about 45 mins (inc styling)
Standard Course
¥7,700 (inc tax) / about 90 mins (inc styling)

This invigorating head spa massage makes use of pure plant extracts and natural essential oils as a luxurious treat for you to unwind and relax. The process also exudes an aromatherapeutic effect to soothe your senses for an immensely salting experience. 

*reservation required