What is "Japanese Hair Straightening"?


What is "Japanese Hair Straightening" ??

The straight perm, which is often called Japanese hair straightening, thermal reconditioning or “rebonding,” is a technique that’s been around for years.

A perm refers to a chemical process that permanently alters the hair. Perms are sometimes associated with creating curls in hair that doesn’t naturally have it, but they can be used to make hair straight, too.
If done often, the flat iron's heat and the chemicals can be damaging to hair.

Straightening your hair can be achieved with different methods, but Japanese straightening is one of the best we have out there.
You get to turn your hair into a sleek, healthy and shiny package with this straightening perm.

The Benefits of Straight perm
For people with hair that is difficult to manage, or who are unhappy with having curly / frizzy hair, chemical straightening is an extremely attractive option. It can make your daily styling routine a great deal easier.
Once your hair is straightened, none of the other procedures (flat irons, and hot combs) are needed.
Also, because it is much easier to style straightened hair, you will hopefully be prepared to wash it more frequently — and frequent washing is highly beneficial to hair and scalp health especially while you live in Japan.

The solution used for a straight perm works by breaking down the cysteine bonds that hold the curl or wavy shape in the hair with ammonium thioglycolate, cysteamine as such.
The hair dryer and flat iron's heat restructure the bonds that turned out uneven while the solution is activating.
And then second solution rebonds the hair.



About the Moisture Straightening Perm:
We cares about protecting your hair from damage. When you chose Moisture Straightening Perm at NALU, we use some pre-treatment products. And we give you homecare treatment (for about 1 month).
If you concern about damage, we recommend Moisture Straightening Perm instead Rebonding.


Please note the following when considering straight perm:

#1) Hair straightening process is a complicated and lengthy process. Therefore we require all new customers for a consultation time. This must be done in person at the salon for the stylist to assess your hair quality and make appropriate price and time estimates.
All process usually takes 3 to 5 hours but it can be sometimes take less or longer. Please keep this in mind when making an appointment.

#2) At least 2 days, the hair should be kept as straight as possible. You should avoid wet and wash your hair, tucking the hair behind your ears or pulling it into a ponytail so don’t plan to book in the day before a big event. It is also worth noting that it’s important to mention to your stylist if you’ve coloured your hair recently so the solution can be tailor-made accordingly.

#3) If possible, avoid coloring your hair for up to 1?2?week? months before you come to get straight perm.
Avoiding chemical processes will help to keep that your hair is strong and healthy for the procedure.
If your hair has been colored or especially if it has been bleached within the last several months, be sure to discuss this with your stylist at your consultation.
Caution: Bleached or highlighted sections of hair must be given cared for differently during the procedure to avoid weakening the strands too much. This can sometimes lead to subpar results.
If you can be wait your coloring at least 1?2? weeks, we recommend you wait.

#4) Your color may fade slightly as a result of straightening perm.
Though it would not be dramatic, the chemical processing might lighten colored hair a Lv or 2Lv. Even virgin hair.

#5) It can be difficult to stop straightening your hair once you start. Because straight perm is permanent, so your style will look inconsistent once your natural texture starts to grow back in.
Keep in mind that any new growth will be your natural hair texture. Your hair will be straight-ish below, and wavy or curly at the roots. If you will get straight perm, you have to be OK with that.

#6) When you’ve gotten Japanese straightening treatment, your hair requires little or no effort to get a completely straight look. But that doesn’t automatically mean you shouldn’t put enough effort into caring for it. Once the hair has been straightened it requires special care to overcome the effects of chemicals and to prevent it from getting dry and brittle.
Basically we highly recommend that after straight perm, use intensive treatments to restore moisture to your hair for once a week.
And use hair dryer (no air dry).

If you have high damage hair such as bleached, read this topic.

Want more? Check out the video below.

※Damage-less Straightening Perm is now known as Moisture Straightening Perm