What is Ultrasonic Iron Treatment?


Why the stylist recommend deep conditioning treatment?

From hair coloring and UV rays to straightening irons and hair dryers, there are plenty of reasons why we struggle with dry, damaged, and brittle hair.
Deep conditioning treatments are actually an important and regular part of your hair care routine. As compared to regular conditioners, deep conditioner is left longer to penetrate the hair strands and nourish your hair.
Hair that is regularly deep conditioned is softer, silkier, and more manageable. It also allows your hair to gain back its natural shine.
In order to keep your hair hydrated and smooth, you need to have deep conditioning treatments done.

While there are a number of deep conditioning products you can purchase in the salon and use in your own home, we recommend to do treatment at salon on a regular basis.

Benefits of Deep Conditioning
: This will take care of two things at once by repairing damaged hair and feeding it nutrients to protect it in the future, while also getting that nice hair styled to perfection.

: Deep conditioning treatments are done not only for the sake of the health of our hair, but also work for other hair service such as color, perm. Weak and dry hair cannot effectively hold color. By adding moisture back to your hair, it becomes stronger, shinier and can hold color better.

: Dry and brittle hair is prone to breakage. It prevents split ends, reduces breakage, and improves your hair’s health. With regular use, it will improve the elasticity of your hair; thus, preventing breakage.
For some clients, a deep conditioning treatment during the colder, winter months or after a week at the beach is ideal for adding moisture to dry looks.

What is Ultrasonic Iron? 

Ultrasonic iron hair treatment is 76STYLE's signature treatment using latest hair iron technology to penetrate the hair treatment and nutrition deep into your hair. The iron is generating vibration beat at  37,000 beats per second which separates particle of protein, water and oil in hair treatment and allows the nutrition to penetrate deep inside your hair.  It is zero heat require and the vibration also helps stimulate hair cell for a healthier and silky hair. 
This service is loved in all blanch of Number 76.



- We have 4 types of treatment service !


Global Milbon Smooth Treatment   ¥5,000 (excluding tax)

For dry, easily-tangled hair
Fresh, floral scent. Instantly conditions, detangles and improves hair texture for a beautifully soft, manageable, silky smooth finish.


Global Milbon Smooth Ultrasonic Iron Treatment  ¥7,000 (excluding tax)

For very dry, damaged, and easily-tangled hair.
Fresh, floral scent. Deeply nourishing and ultra-smoothing results enhanced with the powerful Ultrasonic iron.



LINK Treatment  ¥7,000 (excluding tax)

For dull, dry, and brittle hair.
Fruity scent. Reverse damage caused by repeated color service by weightlessly infusing rich moisture deep into hair structure. With instantly smoother, revitalized hair, your hair color will shine more brilliantly with a glossy vibrancy.


Ultrasonic Premium Treatment ¥9,000 (excluding tax)

For severely dry, damaged, overly-processed hair.
Fruity scent. An upgrade of the classic favorite! The Ultrasonic iron is applied twice with two intensive treatment formulas for deep reparation, ultra-softness, and incredibly silky-smooth results.


All treatment services include Homecare treatment!



How to Use:
Once a week, after shampooing, put on your hair from middle to ends.
Leave for 5-10 minute and rinse off. 

Want more? Check out the video below.




 We sell Ultrasonic Iron ( You can get at Number76 Tokyo )

¥3,4000 ( excluding tax )

*We are able to sell ultrasonic irons however, if ultrasonic irons will have some problems, the warranty is not covered overseas.
Furthermore, shipping fee will be very high.
If you have any connection with a distributor, please ask them which tool is working similar.
But we would like to accept your any offer!