3 Best Products from YA-MAN


The power to radiate beauty lies in every person. We wish to help awaken that power, and create a more beautiful tomorrow.We

can train beauty



Medi Lift


Japan's first medical silicone mask*
equipped with Electrical Muscle Stimulation (EMS)
*In terms of a use of 6 electrodes for a facial mask as on March 28, 2017.The survey is conducted by YA-MAN.All

faces are asymmetry and their sizes
You can select from 6 levels individually for each right and left side of your face.An elastic medical silicone which are used in medical care would fit to anyone's face shape.

Training EMS Mode
Zygomaticus major (cheek muscles) should be exercised.It
is hard to train Zygomaticus major in daily lives.
Exercise your muscles with dynamic movements with low frequency EMS of 2.5-17Hz.

Release EMS Mode
Mamasseter muscle (jaw muscles) should be
relaxed.Mamasseter muscles tend to be overused, which may cause a square-jaw.
Relax your mamasseter muscle with low frequency EMS of 20-100Hz.


How to use:
Just wear the mask
for 10 minutes and treat
your mimic muscles with 2 different EMS modes




¥38,500 (including tax)


WAVY mini

An ideal beautiful face with detailed care with LIFT WAVE EMS and Micro-
current.4D drainage beauty device beyond the 3D*
.Patent licensed unique tornado shape roller gives three dimensional stimulation to length, width and height of the skin.
*It refers to a hand massage movement of aestheticians.
*Patent No.5490968



Color: Black / White


Just like an aesthetician’s
hand massage technique
A patent licensed TORNADO ROLLER* realized an aesthetician’s hand massage movement of pinch and stroke. This technology is combined with a unique wave pattern LIFT WAVE to create our original “LIFT WAVE SYSTEM”.
* Patent No.5490968

An original technology of LIFT WAVE
Equipped with unique wave pattern LIFT WAVE which radiates wider range of frequencies and stimulate muscles deeply and effectively.

EMS Low Frequency is for stimulating the muscles effectively.
EMS High Frequency is for stimulating the muscles deeply.

Facial treatment with 2 types of mode
Face: Comfortable stimulation and exercise your mimic muscles.
Micro-current: Treat your skin with “micro-current”*.
* Gentle stimulation.


How to use: 





¥22,000  ( including tax )


Veda lift BS


YA-MAN is an aging care head spa that focuses on the beauty of the scalp. It removes dirt from the bottom of pores and heals the scalp. In addition, it provides liftcare* by raising the scalp and massaging the skin. A comfortable experience for your head that reproduces the feeling of a professional spa technique at home.
*by moving the device



The skin on your head and face are connected, so if you experience lots of daily stress and fatigue, your head tends to be stiff. Likewise, having a hardened scalp can cause the skin on your face to start to sag, which is why this head spa focuses on liftcare by raising and softening the scalp.



Lifts your face by emitting nurturing rays to your scalp. Skin quality declines with age, so this procedure helps your skin give off a youthful look.



Deep pore cleaning that removes the dirt from pores using sound wave vibrations at about 7,000 times per minute.It also removes annoying scalp odors and sebum stains, leading to a healthier scalp environment. using it with shampoo in the bath.

*IPX7 = Water will not penetrate the product if it is immersed for 30 minutes at a depth of 1 meter.



Radiates a nurturing ray that massages the neck and shoulders, leading to total body beauty.When used in conjunction with hair tonic it enhances the beauty of the scalp. We also recommended using this product with a hair restorer.


Growing Rays Emission

Growing rays are emitted from black silica that nurture and warm the body.* They are said to be a type of infrared ray with superior properties that are used in hot bath facilities.
*Up to the stratum corneum

It is hygienic because it uses medical- level procedures.We use a quality that is particularly high because it comes into direct contact with your skin.
External dimensions: W97 x D105 x H103mm (excluding attachments)
Product mass: 287g (excluding attachments)
Rated power supply: DC5V 500mA
Power consumption: About 3W (when charging)
Accessories: Head attachment, Face attachment, Charging stand
Country of origin: China 


¥21,780 (including tax) 

Please feel free to ask details.