Dyson airwrap

The Dyson Airwrap™ Hair Styler Complete is engineered for multiple hair types.
Complete includes all Dyson Airwrap™ styler attachments with barrels to curl or wave hair, and brushes to smooth or volumize.

It smooths, waves and curls hair relying on air rather than extreme heat to set the
style.It styles and dries hair simultaneously with intelligent heat control and the Coanda effect(a jet flow that attaches itself to a surface), which attracts hair to the barrel and wraps it to create voluminous curls and waves.Use the Brushes To Mimic Smoothing A Stylist'S Blow-Dry Technique.

You'll cut down the time your hair takes since you can style with damp hair (You Can Do It On Dry Hair But It Will Not Last As Long).
You're Drying And styling at the same time.

The Complete set which includes all brushes and barrels.




    pre-styling dryer



30 / 40mm Airwrap barrels




 firm /  soft smoothing / round volumizing brush

◆non-slip heat-resistant mat, tan storage case


Product detail:
Powered by the Dyson digital motor V9.
It took 15 engineers to design and is now Dyson's smallest, lightest and most advanced motor on its
book.Negative ions helps reduce static
4 heat settings
3 speed settings
1300W power
2.62m cable length
Product dimensions: 272 x 48 x 41 mm
Product weight: 0.66 kg

Comes with a free 2-year Dyson warranty.

How to Use

¥ 64,900

(including tax)