FIOLE QUALUCIA Color Shampoo - Ash

FIOLE QUALUCIA Color Shampoo - Ash

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Maintaining Hair Color Shampoo 

A color shampoo with excellent dyeability was released from the  "Quorcia".

It could suppress the fading of warm colors such as red and pink and makes the vivid color last longer.


It is formulated plant extracts and damage care ingredients * what not only color durability and development, but can work hair and scalp damage care.

* Hydrolyzed keratin (wool)

A fresh citrus floral scent like a rich jasmine.

Q Will the outcome be the same for all hair types? 
In some cases, damaged areas may be vividly colored. When you stop using it, it will gradually return to the original hair color. At first, try a small amount on an inconspicuous part of your hair, and after seeing the result, use it on the rest of the desired areas. 

Q Can you dye gray hair? 
It does not work on gray gaur. 

Q Can I use it outside the bathroom? 
We recommend for use in the bathroom. Please note that the color shampoo will stain towels, clothes, floors, rugs, walls, etc. 

Q Do you need gloves? 
We recommend using gloves. It may be difficult to remove color from hands or nails. If your hands or nails become colored, immediately wash off with soap. 

Q Is there color transfer or discoloration? 
If wet hair adheres to clothes, wash basin, etc the color will stain and it may be difficult to remove,so please be careful.  Also if your hair gets wet with sweat or rain, the color will easily fade so please be careful not to rub it with a towel. 


*This product will might ship by sea mail due to the ingredient depending on the country.
Please note that it takes 2-3 month in that case.