ARIMINO Point concealer

ARIMINO Point concealer

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Hair Color Made Like a Beauty Lotion For a Prime, Blissful Salon Experience


1 DAY self-color to cover white hair speedily

Temporary Hair Concealer

1-DAY self-color to quickly cover gray/white hair just by combing the area of concern at the hairline or part. Can be combined with salon color. Let’s enjoy 365 days without gray hair!

◆ Recommended if:

・You color your gray hair, but you’re worried about the roots in a few weeks.
・You find a white hair right before you go out.
・You do not have time to go to the salon and will have to color at home.

Only a one-minute self-cover: the comb and marker-type product adds speedy color without staining the skin. Can color hair evenly without becoming stiff and can reflect a particular pigment balance 


       The comb and marker type
       which does not stain the skin.


[disclaimers, instructions]

[Disclaimers, Instructions]

Please do not use the temporary hair dye on the skin: apply to the hair directly.

Dark hair colors are available, but color development might be sub-optimal depending on your level of hair brightness. 

This is temporary hair dye; when you wash your hair the pigment will disappear (unlike half-permanent dye).



*This product will might ship by sea mail due to the ingredient depending on the country.
Please note that it takes 2-3 month in that case.