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Why is non-straight hair difficult to manage?

...Because of the hair’s shape!

When viewed as a cross-section, straight hair forms an almost perfect circle (i.e. round), whereas non-straight hair is more uneven.

Furthermore, the internal structure of non-straight hair is mixed: the outside absorbs moisture easily and the inside does not. Therefore, the hair’s texture is influenced by humidity and may easily swell or dry out.

IAU Serum represents an unique approach to hair texture control for naturally unruly hair. IAU creates manageable, flowing and moisturized hair.

This serum has excellent penetrating abilities for both the core and surface of the hair; it expertly conditions delicate hairs that are prone to dryness and damage caused by friction and controls unruliness. In addition, it adds a moisturizing and lasting shine all the way to the ends of your hair.

Many people are concerned about hair that is difficult to manage, but also know there are advantages to having naturally curly hair, such as easy styling that takes advantage of the hair’s original movement and keeping cute curls by using a curling iron.

Taking advantage of the charm of curls, this new serum makes your hair as beautiful as the pleasant smile of a satisfied customer.

How to maintain naturally curly hair

Wash the scalp properly, like a massage
Shampoo should be a dense, creamy foam that reaches every corner of the skin and removes hard-to-remove stains and odors.
Avoid going to sleep with wet hair
In fact, curly hair is very delicate! If you go to bed while your hair is wet, it will be more susceptible to damage due to friction with your bed linens and between the hairs. This friction could result in a broken cuticle, so dry your hair before you sleep.

Moisturize before using heated tools
Curly hair dries easily and requires gentle care against heat. Before using heated tools be sure to moisturize and oil your hair well. This will also protect your hair from humidity and make your styling easier.
Reward your hair with salon treatment
Beautiful hair should be regularly replenished with deep conditioning treatments at the salon. Also if you are anxious about aging, we recommend scalp care to coincide with conditioning.

Intensive care with rich ingredients once or twice a week for the hair which is prone to dryness and roughness.

A refreshing accent of apple and cassis atop a transparent floral scent.

Silicon free