Milbon Plarmia moisture lifter

Milbon Plarmia moisture lifter

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Intensive care needed for hair lost by aging damage

Scalp nourishment liquid cosmetics

These resolve the phenomenon of "my hair doesn’t have enough volume" and makes the roots of your hair stand up easier. 

A refreshing forest and floral fragrance, like the sprouting of fresh life

Aging Damage Hair Care Line (Elasticity)

Cares for thinning hair

  1. Hair that feels aged
  2. Hair that is thin, or has little strength and elasticity
* Nourishes and softens to make the hair shine.
* Makes your hair firmer and stronger.
* Lends a resilient, voluminous feeling to your hair.

"Plant oil components" + CMADK

"Plant oil components" and "CMADK" are products that are deeply absorbed by the hair, giving it luster and softness.
*Jojoba oil: has ingredients close to skin sebum and penetrates the skin easily and adds moisture retention.
*CMADK: evenly stores water in the end of your hair. CMADK is adsorbed and applied to damaged areas


"Sodium hyaluronate" and "Moisturized keratin" formulation

Supplies nutrients and moisture to damaged hair

  1. Penetrates into the hair, is absorbed and repairs damaged areas
  2. Keratin-derived proteins with CMADK groups have a high affinity to hair. These penetrate the damaged area, are absorbed and make the hair healthy.

*Provides nourishment to the interior of the hair and protects its inner walls to give it shine and elasticity

How to Use:

After drying with a towel, place the nozzle on the scalp and apply using the middle of your finger *About 20 pushes




*This product will might ship by sea mail due to the ingredient depending on the country.
Please note that it takes 2-3 month in that case.