Product - Dry Shampoo

Product - Dry Shampoo

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It’s a dry shampoo: just spray on to clean your scalp and hair. Feel exhilarating scalp care without having to use shampoo.

The beauty ingredients, including distilled damask rose water and plant alcohols, cleanse by wrapping pores and controlling sebum. The rose water’s cleansing and moisturizing effects keep your scalp clean without any dryness. It can be used not only on the scalp and hair but also as a body mist. You can refresh with a cool peppermint scent. A USDA certified organic item.

How to Use:
Divide your hair into small sections and individually lift each bunch before spraying an appropriate amount on the scalp. Lightly massage your scalp. If you are concerned about the stickiness from sweat or sebum, lightly wipe with a towel. As a body mist, spray directly onto the skin.

"Product" Brand Concept

"Product" uses carefully selected organic and raw materials to meet the needs of beauty experts at a high level.

Their motto is simple: We select ingredients that are necessary and sufficient for one’s hair, scalp, and skin. Each of the ingredients directly contributes to the finish and feel of your hair and skin. We receive raw materials from around the world to purify and extract to ensure the absolute best for your hair, scalp and skin.


Ingredients (4):



Bulgarian damask rose distilled water [USDA certified organic]
Delivers plenty of moisture into the hair and lasts for a long time due to the plant-based ingredients for hair repair.


Ethanol [USDA certified organic]
Alcohol made by fermenting organically grown corn the same way as alcoholic beverages as made. Uses the same food-grade quality to use on the scalp and skin. It moisturizes and cleanses the scalp and skin alongside the rose distilled water.   


Peppermint oil [USDA certified organic]
This herb has been used as a medicinal and edible herb since ancient times. A refreshing scent that expresses a moderate sweetness from a light menthol scent. The scent is also effective for drowsiness. It is often recommended as a deodorant due to peppermint’s excellent antibacterial properties.


Rosemary extract (CO2 extraction method) [USDA certified organic]
A carbon dioxide extract of rosemary leaves. The astringent tightens and firms the skin. It also has a natural antiseptic effect. Cleans the head and improves long-term focus.




*This product will might ship by sea mail due to the ingredient depending on the country.
Please note that it takes 2-3 month in that case.