Product - Scalp Revitalizer

Product - Scalp Revitalizer

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Rich Hair Grows

Makes your scalp environment more healthy. Provides scalp care and creates a firm, elastic foundation for healthy hair. 

Contains evening primrose extract which is useful according to Native American wisdom that moisturizes the scalp and conditions the skin’s turnover. Jojoba oil, which thrives in the harsh deserts of California and Mexico, helps keep your scalp dry. Contains rosemary extract which is ideal for hair care. A gentle lavender scent.


How to Use:

<Daily care>
After washing the hair and towel-drying, apply a small amount to the scalp and massage with your fingers without rinsing.

<Deep cleansing>
Before you wash your hair, blend product into your scalp thoroughly and massage with your fingers to cleanse your pores and remove sebum. Recommended for those who are concerned about itchiness due to dry skin.

<Deep moisture>
Before bedtime, apply an appropriate amount to your clean, dry scalp and massage with your fingers. Do not rinse; you will experience intensive care overnight while you sleep. Please wash your hair the following morning.

"Product" Brand Concept

"Product" uses carefully selected organic and raw materials to meet the needs of beauty experts at a high level.

Their motto is simple: We select ingredients that are necessary and sufficient for one’s hair, scalp, and skin. Each of the ingredients directly contributes to the finish and feel of your hair and skin. We receive raw materials from around the world to purify and extract to ensure the absolute best for your hair, scalp and skin.


Ingredients (4):



Evening Primrose extract (CO2 extraction method) [USDA Certified Organic]

A carbon dioxide extract of primrose seeds that contain powerful beauty ingredients. It goes with any kind of skin and can moisturize and balance the scalp. Evening primrose is used by Native Americans for its vitality and it is a well-known medicinal plant in Europe.


Jojoba oil [USDA certified organic]

Known as the "plant of life" that lives in the harsh deserts of California and Mexico. The jojoba plant is one of the very few plants in the natural world that contains wax ester. This substance softens the skin and removes dirt in pores to help cleanse and balance your sebum. It suits any kind of skin and can prevent scalp dryness.


Lavender oil [USDA certified organic]

This oil is used to moisturize the hair and scalp, control your sebum, balance, moisturize, repair hair damage and give a natural shine to your hair. Its clean and gentle scent also produces a relaxing effect.


Rosemary extract (CO2 extraction method) [USDA certified organic]
A carbon dioxide extract of rosemary leaves. The astringent tightens and firms the skin. It also has a natural antiseptic effect. Cleans the head and improves long-term focus.


*This product will might ship by sea mail due to the ingredient depending on the country.
Please note that it takes 2-3 month in that case.