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Awaken the natural instincts of your skin.  

This product uses stem cell cultures in a 10% undiluted solution and naturally derived ingredients to lift your face muscles. 


Filmexel compound + employed delivery system to deliver the nourishment your hair needs, formulated ionto*

*ionto is the same ingredient used in iontophoresis. An electric current allows active ingredients to penetrate deeply into the skin. 



This procedure focuses on stem cells and clears up the underlying mechanisms of your skin even further.


This product focuses on 4 underlying mechanisms of your skin. It aims to stop staining and can remove wrinkles by using a thoroughly researched solution.

Mechanism 1

Fundamentally removes stains on the skin’s surface using a luxurious combination of beauty extracts unmatched in other cosmetics sold on the market. It shuts down melanin pigment production and further compounds ingredients with lighting effect, bringing out the original clarity and radiance of your skin.


   Chestnut rose

Reduces inflammation of skin caused by Ultraviolet rays. Also blocks inflammation from spreading to adjacent cells.


Cuts off melanogenesis signals from inflammation and tyrosinase activation.


A stable component that inhibits melanin coloration during melanin synthesis.

  CinderellaCare (Thymus Serpillum Extract)

Stops melanin pigment from moving to the surface of the skin and prevents skin from looking tanned.

  Gatuline Spot-Light

Encourages skin turnover that tends to slow with age. Also discharges melanin that accumulates under the skin.

  Pitaya fruit (dragon fruit)

Contains components found in dragon fruit that glow pale when exposed to sunlight or UV light. Creates a whitening, brightening effect that helps your skin reflect light.

Mechanism 2

This component contains 2 major anti-aging ingredients that directly access problematic wrinkles. By focusing on the causes of wrinkles, such as the deterioration of collagen and elastin due to age, ultraviolet rays and dehydration, the solution mixes the two major anti-aging ingredients in the industry. Targeting the direct causes of wrinkles allows the solution to help your skin return to a youthful, firm condition.


Naturally derived lift-up effect (Filmexel)

A natural sugar polymer obtained from the Aralia Elata, aka the Japanese Angelica tree, and red algae. Creates a durable and supple non-occlusive film that exerts protection and provides a lift to the surface of the skin.

X50 (anti-aging)

The finest raw material available to address wrinkles.

Drug Delivery System (DDS)

DDS, which is also used in the medical field, reliably delivers active ingredients to the fibroblasts to fundamentally fix the cause of wrinkles.

Mechanism 3

This mechanism concerns the topic of cell recovery and uses a liquid derived from human stem cell cultures. Feel for yourself how your skin is reborn!

"Human stem cell culture fluid" is secreted when human cells born from regenerative medicine are cultivated and mixed at a high (10%) concentration. More than 500 kinds of proteins will help activate your cells’ hyaluronic acid, collagen, and elastin.

Mechanism 4

Once applied to your skin, this compound produces a 24-hour iontophoresis effect which enhances the penetration of useful ingredients into your skin! To boost the useful components even further, we add "ionto" into the mixture, similar to iontophoresis used in the medical field. This allows the useful components applied to the skin’s surface to permeate into all of the necessary places.


*This product will might ship by sea mail due to the ingredient depending on the country.
Please note that it takes 2-3 month in that case.