Hepaskin 4D Air Cool Mask
Hepaskin 4D Air Cool Mask
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Hepaskin 4D Air Cool Mask

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Non-stuffy and cool skin touch, a mysterious mask that first developed by a cosmetic manufacturer in Japan

HEPASKIN 4D Air Cool Mask

Heat dissipation and insulation*1 / Cool touch fabric / Splash resistant / UV effect / Lift-up*2

*1) The terahertz artificial ore acts as a medium to convert the thermal energy contained in the human body and the mask into far-infrared rays and emit it into the atmosphere.
*2) Physical effect of the mask


HEPASKIN 4D Air Cool Mask is an airy and cool mask that feels like you are not wearing a mask. A multi-functional cooling sensation type high-performance mask that keeps the sensation of cold and breathes easily due to heat dissipation and heat shielding effects.

“HEPASKIN Air Cool Mask”

The fabric used for the HEPASKIN 4D Air COOL MASK contains terahertz artificial ore. By radiating terahertz waves, the mask simultaneously dissipates heat and produces a thermal insulation effect. This special fabric is used for the entire mask to make it breathable and durable. Even in the summer your mask stress will be reduced and you can expect heatstroke prevention effects.


Heat Dissipation Effect
The thermal energy emitted from the human body is converted into far-infrared rays by the special fabric containing terahertz artificial ore and is dissipated into the atmosphere.


Thermal Insulation Effect
The terahertz waves and the energy of the same frequency contained in sunrays counterbalance each other, controlling the far-infrared rays that enter the mask while shielding from near-infrared rays, hence providing a thermal insulation effect.


Terahertz optics that boosts immune system
The mask is composed of specially kneaded terahertz ore which is used in advanced facial care equipment. By activating weakened cells, the ore promotes blood circulation, improves metabolism and enhances the body's immunities. Just by wearing a teramask you can expect reduced neck and shoulder stiffness, decreased facial swelling, improved sleep, beautiful skin and facelift.

Additional Features

  • Does not feel stuffy inside mask
  • Soft ear straps
  • Prevents heatstroke
  • Breathable
  • Glasses won’t become fogged
  • Voice will not be muffled
  • Comfy to wear