Eljuda - Point Care Stick

Eljuda - Point Care Stick

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Eljuda Point Care Stick

For those who want to take control of unruly hair.


A quick fix for frizzy hair.

Have you ever been troubled by frizzy hair?

You might have noticed your hair in a shop window, or felt frustrated when several hairs are loose even though you tied it up earlier. Regardless of your hair’s length, you've probably had many encounters with frizzy hair.

However, with the Eljuda Point Care Stick, you can erase your troubles with frizzy hair without getting your hands dirty! You can easily fix your hair anytime, anywhere.


  • A spiral-shaped brush that can be used on all hair types.
  • Includes a mascara-shaped brush with many easy-to-use points that make it different from regular mascara.
    • A long brush helps you target frizzy hairs)
    • Eljuda Point Care Stick brushes are designed to be longer than general mascara brushes to accurately apply the gel to the targeted hair. In addition, a large area can be covered with one application, so it’s not necessary to reapply numerous times a day.
  • Soft brush fibers for a smooth feel
    • Unlike general mascara, the fibers of Point Care Stick brushes are designed with soft and extensive bristles. You don't have to worry about getting your hair caught.
    • The brush density prevents the gel from sticking too much in your hair.
  • The ingredient "Trehalose" helps blend any frizzy hair that stands out (a hair protection ingredient)
    • Trehalose is a saccharide used in various skincare fields. It has strong moisturizing and quality retaining effects with a stickiness prevention ingredient.
  • Simply apply the Point Care Stick to the hair that stands out, and the gel will thicken to suppress the frizzy hair. 
  • Trehalose gel easily dissolves in lukewarm water, so it easily washes out.
  • A cute look that conveniently fits in a purse or bag
    • The same shape as general mascara, making it easy to carry.
    • A sophisticated case design  

How to use:

It’s easy! Simply apply the gel to whichever frizzy parts of your hair that you’d like to fix, trying to make the brush lightly “float” during application.

When you want to fix frizzy hair on the top of your head;

float the brush and use the short bristles.

When you want to fix hair in an updo;

use the brush to trace the frizzy hair that stands out from the sides and around the collar.

When you want to style your bangs;

simply slide the brush along the inner edge of your hair.


*This product will might ship by sea mail due to the ingredient depending on the country.
Please note that it takes 2-3 month in that case.