NiNE Multi-Styling Oil Rich

NiNE Multi-Styling Oil Rich

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Styling care that pursues reproducible usability while simultaneously achieving trend design and care effects.

NiNE Multi-Styling Oil Rich

This is an easy-to-apply styling compound that doesn’t have the odor peculiar to vegetable-based oils. Its wet texture and good skin familiarity give it a smooth usability factor. It isn’t sticky and provides your hair with a healthy looking finish. Since the formula is made from 98% or more plant-derived ingredients, it moistens your hair and can also be used on the skin. NiNE’s rich formula maintains a heavy lustre and has a solid, wet feel, that allows your fingers to pass smoothly through your hair. For a luxurious texture and an edgy curl style.


How to use:

Take an appropriate amount and apply with your palm. Mix thoroughly and evenly to give your hair a luxurious and rich texture. Furthermore, you can use the oil that remains on your hand to texturize your bangs or give yourself loose curls on either side of your face which is a popular style in Japan.

■ Medium length: 3-5 pushes
*Please adjust the amount according to volume of hair and desired texture



Dissatisfaction with styling agents
Several common complaints about styling agents include stickiness, difficulty with application, confusion over use, unpleasant odors and that the product doesn’t easily wash out.

Rice bran oil (moisturizing agent)
A smooth oil extracted and refined from rice that has an excellent moisturizing effect for skin care.
Rice germ oil (moisturizing agent)
A light and precious moisturizing oil. Only 10g can be extracted from 1kg of brown rice.
Argan oil (lustre agent)
A rare oil from the argan tree that supplies a rich feel and lustre.




*This product will might ship by sea mail due to the ingredient depending on the country.
Please note that it takes 2-3 month in that case.