The scalp treatment a.k.a Head spa


What is a head spa?

A Head Spa, or “scalp treatment,” is a relatively new procedure developed in the last 20 years. It focuses on hair and scalp care in addition to reducing face and head fatigue. 

Two major causes of hair damage are the deterioration of the scalp environment and poor circulation. This treatment promotes circulation and removes dirt to bring the scalp environment closer to normal. It is also a hair treatment, so it directly beautifies the hair.

Let's get a head spa and improve our scalp environment, soothe aging hair, relax our muscles and invest in the long-term care of our hair!



1) Refreshes 

    It’s said that if blood flow in the scalp deteriorates it will become difficult for oxygen to reach the brain. If this condition lasts, you will feel more tired and susceptible to increased stress. 

    A head spa can easily relieve fatigue and stress with massage, treatments and scented oils.


    2) Relieves eye strain

      Eye fatigue is caused by stiffness in the temporal muscles (the muscles above the ears). A head spa loosens any stiffness, improves blood flow and lessens fatigue-causing substances accumulated around the eyes. 

      Results are quick and noticeable; you’ll say things like "My field of vision is clearer!” "I feel like my eyes are opened," etc.


      3) Volumizes 

        After a head spa treatment, flat hair will gain volume much easier due to a tighter scalp and opened pores. The treatment also removes harmful chemicals on the hair and cleans out pores.


        4) Lifts

          The massage portion of a head spa has a lifting effect on the face and the muscles of the head. The scalp and face are connected, so if the muscles of the head become stiff, it becomes difficult to support the facial muscles.

          The muscles of the head are stimulated by the massage and you can expect a lifted facial effect.


          5) Anti-ages

            The massage produces all sorts of anti-aging effects. This is because the above-mentioned lift tightens the facial lines which makes the face look younger.

            Massage also increases blood circulation and lymphatic flow in the head, which improves complexion and gives your skin a healthy glow. 


            6) Beautifies and improves scalp environment

              A head spa improves the scalp environment, moisturizes and nourishes the hair, while shampooing opens pores, massages and removes dirt from the hair.

              Increased blood circulation and clean pores will positively affect hair growth and restore more nutrients to the hair.


              7) Promotes hair growth

                A head spa lays the foundation for healthy hair growth. One of the main causes of hair loss is a stiff scalp and poor blood circulation. The massage prepares the scalp environment for hair growth by improving blood flow and removing impurities built up in the pores.


                8) Improves sleep

                  A head spa can improve the quality of your sleep. During the procedure, the scalp is loosened and engulfed in the scent of hair treatments and oils which produces a relaxing effect both physically and mentally. Some people say they feel warm in the middle of the procedure.

                   Your nervous system will benefit from improved blood flow and you’ll feel the benefits of good night's sleep immediately following the treatment.


                  Types of head spa

                  *All of these treatments are offered at our salon. If you’re not sure which one is right for you, please feel free to ask.


                  Type 1- Ayurvedic

                  Ayurveda is a traditional medicine from Sri Lanka and India discovered during ancient times. Their philosophy is that "plants, oceans and mountains all have life, and the human body is shaped by the influence of these natural energies."
                  In Japan, we often hear these words in ​​relaxation clinics, but in Sri Lanka and India there are specialized hospitals that provide treatment with Ayurveda and it is a properly recognized medical field.
                  Ayurveda has a wide range of applications because it relates to nature and the human body. 
                  Yoga is also based on the idea of ​​Ayurveda, and "adjusting breathing and posture regulates energy and leads the whole body towards an optimum condition."
                  There are many other Ayurveda treatments, such as oil application and the use of compresses.
                  If a beauty salon offers an "Ayurveda head spa," in many cases it is a Japanese-style head spa based on Ayurvedic practices.


                  Type 2- Cream bath

                  A cream bath is a scalp and hair beauty treatment that started in Bali, Indonesia about 400 years ago. Even though this approach started in Bali it is influenced by European massage technology.

                  This procedure involves a special cream that provides plenty of nutrition to the scalp and tips of your hair. A cream bath targets all of one’s hair, so it might take longer than other spa types.


                  Type 3- Cleansing spa

                  Pore ​​maintenance is also essential for hair care!

                   As the name implies, the cleansing spa is a scalp treatment for the purpose of "cleansing." Various types of products are used, such as gels and oils.

                  This treatment aims to maintain a healthy scalp by thoroughly cleaning the scalp’s pores. Even stubborn stains can be easily removed by adding a special cleansing product and massages.

                  Cleansing opens clogged pores and helps grow hair with original thickness and strength. It is also a treatment that suppresses scalp troubles and odors.


                  *Number76 original treatment


                  Global Milbon (Cleansing Spa)

                  -Recommended for those who suffer from itching, dandruff, dryness, stickiness and odor
                  -Removes excess fatty acids and replenishes hair oils and moisture (excess fatty acids can cause skin problems) 

                  Cleansing gel unclogs pores and helps hair return to its original thickness and strength. After the gel, we will use a scalp mask. This mask replenishes natural oils and keeps the scalp moist.
                  3 available scents: vanilla, rose and citrus
                  ¥5,000 + tax

                  Home care;
                  200ml / ¥2,400  500ml / ¥4,500  1000ml / ¥6,600 ( refill )
                  Scalp treatment
                  200ml / ¥3,200  500ml / ¥6,100  1000ml / ¥9,000 ( refill )
                  Scalp essence
                  120ml / ¥3,200  180ml / ¥4,000 ( refill )


                  How to Use:


                    Type 4- Carbonated spa

                    Carbonated spas are the most common variety of head spas.

                    A carbonated spa treatment uses carbonated hot water, shampoo and a special foam to restore the hair and scalp. Using the power of carbonic acid, this spa removes sebum, dirt and residues like coloring and styling agents 

                    Carbonic acid targets the capillaries under the skin and harmlessly penetrates into the bloodstream. It is said that carbonic acid promotes circulation, makes it easier for your blood to supply oxygen, water, and nutrients to your body, flushes waste products and promotes metabolism.

                    Carbonated spa care is popular with people who have a high sense of beauty, and the mixture is also used in drinking water, skin toners etc. The salon sells carbonated foam, shampoo, and kits for regular at-home hair and scalp maintenance.


                    *Number76 original treatment

                    Plarmia (Carbonated Spa)


                    This product is recommended for those concerned with the stickiness and odor that accompanies aging hair. It’s known that most body odor is caused by the oxidation of sebum on the scalp; a process that increases after the age of 40.

                    Plarmia features carbonation which gently and effectively washes away stubborn oils, dirt and odors that regular shampoo is unable to remove. The raw collagen contains moisturizing components that will restore the health of your scalp and hair.

                    Plarmia is not only good for the scalp but also for the hair, and will remove styling agents and silicone. Plarmia will restore hair that has become alkaline, due to color and perm treatments, to a healthy state.



                    ▲炭酸 is carbonates. It is used for many kinds of stuffs.

                    Home care;
                    Shampoo - ¥2,750
                    Scalp mask - ¥2,860 ~ 
                    Scalp essence - ¥3,520


                    Can’t get to a salon? Try special care at home!


                    Easy at-home massage

                    1. Slowly massage the indented area between your sideburns and ears with your thumb or middle finger for 10 seconds.
                    2. Press the 3 points: ②, ③, ④ (see “acupuncture points”) behind your ears and along the nape of your neck with both thumbs for 3 seconds.
                    3. Finally, using the palms of your hands, press up on your scalp starting above the ears for 5 seconds.

                    Acupuncture points

                    ① Waryo ・ ・ ・Aids tired eyes and swelling
                    ② Amon ・ ・ ・Improves circulation and promotes hair growth
                    ③ Tenchu ​​・ ・ ・Reduces stress and shoulder stiffness
                    ④ Fuuchi・ ・ ・Cures headaches, insomnia and improves circulation


                    *Head spas are long-term treatments*

                    You might not feel your hair grow, scalp environment improve, and hair loss stop right away! It is necessary to wait for your hair to regrow after your scalp environment has improved.
                    For some people, a treatment every one to two weeks results in improvement (the effects of a head spa lasts about 1-2 weeks). 
                    If you do not have any problems with your scalp, we recommend getting a spa treatment once a month.
                    The scalp’s turnover is about 28 days, so if you get a head spa many times in a short period of time the necessary sebum will wash away and dry out your scalp. If you get a head spa following your scalp restore cycle, you will be able to maintain a healthy scalp. 
                    After your scalp environment improves, the spa’s positive effects will last for a month or two. 
                    Again, it might take time to see benefits, and that’s ok! It also depends on which type of head spa you choose for your hair. 
                    If you don’t notice any changes in your hair/scalp condition after 3 months, you should try an alternative approach or speak with a medical specialist.