How to select the best perm for your life style?


What Is A Perm?


A perm is the addition of a chemical that alters the structure of your hair and can permanently wave or curl your hair.

A typical perm lasts about 6 months. This means that as the hair regrows it will be very “heavy” and you will feel the curls slowly begin to drop. ​Even if you cannot see the curls, the chemical solution will remain in your hair after the procedur, so it might be difficult to get additional chemical services afterward, such as bleaching, because of your hair’s high level of damage.
Therefore If you have gotten a perm in the last 3 years you should confirm with your stylist before you get any chemical services.

If your hair is already dry or damaged (bleached) we do not recommend a perm because your hair will be exposed to additional damage. In addition, the chemical ingredients in the perming solution do not necessarily work well on damaged hair and often result in breakage.

If your coloring history allows you to proceed with a perm, you should wait 1-2 weeks before or after a perm to color your hair. The perm and color ingredients influence each other, so your stylist will determine which service should be done first depending on your ideal curl style or color.
If you have any ideas or plans for your hair you should talk with your stylist before getting a chemical treatment.

The length and amount of hair is very important when getting a perm, so we suggest you schedule a haircut on the same day to optimize your hair for the procedure. Please take this into consideration when you decide to perm your hair.

Unfortunately, a perm does not work well for people with fine or non-bouncy hair. Even if you choose to get a perm, the curls will quickly fade.


One benefit that we offer is two different types of perm:

cold and digital. The biggest difference between cold perms and digital perms is the shape of the resulting waves. 

Cold perm

A cold perm makes the curl most prominent when the hair is wet and loosens when the hair dries. The hair can also be blow-dried to appear straight. Sometimes a cold perm does not work for people who have very thick or healthy hair.

Conversely, a digital perm results in firmer and bouncier waves when the hair is dry; when the hair is wet the curls loosen. It looks as you use a curling iron.

We can cater to any type of hair with these two perming techniques.

Digital perm

The solutions and chemical reactions in a digital perm are similar to those used for a Japanese straight perm; the only difference is that rollers are used instead of straightening irons.

The first solution breaks down the bonds in the hair. After rinsing, we wind the hair onto the rods and use a digital heat machine that is attached to the rods. We set the appropriate temperature and time (including cool-down). Once this is completed we apply a second solution which will rebond the hair.

​A digital perm uses heat so it cannot be used near the scalp. If you want added volume for your hair’s roots we recommend a cold perm.


How to style

*Please do not brush or comb while your hair is drying or the style will look messy. 


Digital perm


To achieve a look with nicer curls or waves you must style your hair. While your hair is drying, you should twist sections with your fingers in the direction recommended by your stylist. A diffuser can help you dry the part of your hair that you’d like to appear firmest. 


Cold perm


The curls after a cold perm will weaken when you use a hair dryer. If your hair is healthy, it is fine to simply let your hair air-dry. In the case of air-drying, foam products will work the best for your hair. A diffuser can also help when you dry the sections of your hair that you want to be the most firm. 



Spiral Perm 


A spiral perm has very precise “corkscrew” twists that look wild and cool. This perm results in the highest level of damage to your hair and will give it a dry texture. This method is a version of cold perm.


At-home care 

Please wait at least 48 hours to wash your hair after getting a perm.  A perm can make your hair feel dry, so helpful products in this case are hair masks and leave-in treatments. If you want to comb your hair, we highly recommend using a comb with spaced-out teeth.  


Best products for permed hair