How to get straight hair instead of perm?


Avoid Over Chemical Processing

If you are interested in straightening perm, you have to consider there's one important must remember about your previous hair history: It have a greater impact on your hair.Permanent

hair coloring – uses dyes that contain hydrogen peroxide (oxidation) to produce . A Longer Lasting Effect That Can Be A Lighter Shade Than Your Natural Hair Color
Bleaching And Highlighting -.. Almost As Same As Above But Stronger Than Permanent Hair Color Bleached Hair Is Essentially Damaged Hair And There Are Never Be Back To Natural Texture And Condition .
Semi-Permanent Coloring -.. Does Not Involve Oxidation But Rather Uses Dyes To Produce An Effect That Progressively Fades Over About Six Weeks It Does Not Lighten Your Color

The Key Term Here Is Damage.
If you have permanent hair dyes in your hair, the cuticles and keratin of the hair would have undergone harsh conditions under high pH during treatment and would thus be damaged.No matter how well you condition after and how great the colored hair is, the fact remains that the internal structure of the hair has been compromised.Combining
too many of damage could lead to very negative results such as super dry, thin hair or even breakage.If

you would like to continue bleaching or highlighting your hair, straightening perm may not be your best option.There
are many options for straightening your hair.And while our straightening perm is a great one, it is not the best option for hair that may already over processed.

Instead, consider another treatments such as SANNETSU treatment .There are more compatible with processed hair though the results do not last as long.


What is SANNETSU  treatment?

By reacting glyoxylic acid with CMC, macromolecule keratin, Erucalactone and other substances included in link treatment, we can keep disulfide bond within hair and fix your hair problems and frizz while improving hair quality at the same time.
No reductant / No alkaline agent / No hair swelling, softening
improve stray hair / damage recovery / hair luster ++ / last for 1-2 month


Price ¥12000~

Time 2hour~ 

*This is not the same as straightening perm.It does not make completely straight looks, but could be help your morning routine.
*The ingredient of acid and heat interact together, it will leave a peculiar bronze like smell.
After washing the hair several times, the smell will disappear.




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