Shipping method and cost

Shipping method: with Yamato Transport.

Shipping cost: differs depending on destination. Shipping rate details are as below.


International Parcel Rate *tax classification: non-taxable


Free shipping

We provide free shipping on orders over ¥22,000 from Japan only.


Shipping company

Your goods will be delivered by Yamato Transport Co., Ltd.

Goods delivery directly to your mailbox does not come with tracking feature, so we do not provide mailbox delivery system at this moment. We apologize for the inconvenience.


Goods shipping

We start preparing your goods after order.

Normally, purchased items will be shipped within 2-3- working days.

For purchase of multiple items, we will prepare all your items to be shipped in one package.
Depending on the item, we might require more time.
Please also note that Saturday, Sunday, and public holidays are not counted during delivery, so if they occur during your items travel time, it will take longer.


International shipping

Depending on your desired country or region and product, an extra shipping charge may be applied, or we may not be able to ship your goods. In such cases, please contact us and inform us your “desired product”, “quantity”, and “destination country name”.
We will inform you of the availability of overseas shipment after confirming with the sender.


Return and Exchanges

We do not accept returns or exchanges due to customer’s private reasons (e.g. incorrect order quantity, product usage doesn’t user’s image, product doesn’t match user’s skin, etc.).
We pay close attention to our products’ quality. However, in the unlikely event of damaged, defective, or different/wrong item is delivered to you, please contact the address below within one week after receiving the product.

Please note that our return and exchanges policy is limited to “unused items”.
We need to confirm the actual item, so please keep the product at hand until the procedure is completed.
We do not accept return and exchanges for products that has exceeded 1 week after receiving, or for products that are returned without contacting us beforehand. For troubles regarding our products, please contact the address below.



We do not accept cancellation requests after shipment preparation.

For order cancellation before shipment preparation, please contact our address or phone number below.


03-5786-1642 (all day, 10am – 7pm)


If you receive restriction on email reception error message, please change the settings so that you can receive emails from this store.
We do not reply to emails outside business hours.
We will reply to your email within 3 business days, so please reply to our email within one week.
Please note that in case we do not receive your contact within one week, we may not be able to respond to your request.
For goods return and exchanges, posting fee to the salon is to be paid by customer.
If you return the product by mailbox, letter pack, non-standard size mail and such, we are not responsible for any accidents or loss during delivery.

Returns due to box damage and non-exchangeable goods
We use cushioning materials for goods shipment. However, considering our shipping method requires transportation via machine/car and carried through human hands, it is practically impossible to reduce shock during transportation to zero. The outer box of the product may have some dents. We do not accept return and exchange requests due to the shape of product’s outer packing. There should be no problem with the product quality itself. Thank you for your understanding.



  1. First, please contact us by email or phone (we will ask the details of the product you wish to refund.)
    2. Please pack the product.
    3. Please send the package to our store by prepaid shipping fee (*)
  2. Refund procedures will be completed within 2-3 weeks after package arrives at our store. Please confirm the refund by updating your account book.

*) Please note that the following fees will be deducted from the product price when refunding.
[When the remaining product price is less than free shipping fee amount (\22,000)]
  shipping fee + transfer fee
[When the remaining product price is higher than free shipping fee amount (\22,000)]

  Transfer fee


Goods exchange

  1. First, please contact us by email or phone (we will ask the details of the product you wish to exchange.)
    2. Please pack the product.
  2. Please send the package to our store by freight collect.
  3. After we receive your package, we will ship you the exchange item.


Long-term absence, refusal to receive goods (goods returned due to absence)
If the goods is not received and returned due to your long-term absence or refusal of receipt, we will charge you with round-trip shipping fee and handling fee.
After shipment of goods, shipping company can store your package up to 7 days. Packages that have passed the storage period will be returned to our warehouse. We will not resend returned packages.















 また、土日祝祭日を挟む場合は到着日時が遅れる恐れがあります。 あらかじめご了承ください。






万が一 製品の破損・汚損などの不良品や誤配の場合、 製品お受取後原則として1週間以内に下記までご連絡下さいませ。  









03-5786-1642( 定休日無し・10:00 - 19:00 )